Our Approach to Treatment

No single treatment can be perfect for everyone. That is why we create personalized treatment procedures that cater to your individual needs. Dr. Nordberg and the team employ the latest technology and industry practices to make sure that you are getting the best possible care.


Invisalign is an amazing alternative to metallic braces. These are clear aligners that gradually exert pressure on your teeth to push them into the desired position. The great thing about Invisalign is that they are unnoticeable and don’t affect your appearance. It is also considered a more effective and quicker method of treatment.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is the perfect solution for teens with misaligned teeth. It is almost invisible so your teen won’t ever have to be insecure about their beautiful smile. Invisalign’s lightweight material makes it ideal for active teens who like to play sports. There is no risk of damaging your inner mouth while participating in physical activities. Moreover, it’s also easier to brush and floss with Invisalign.

Clear Braces

Clear braces have a similar function as the traditional metallic ones. However, they are designed to be less detectable. Our clear braces are made of almost invisible tooth-colored material called polycrystalline ceramic. The light color of clear braces may stain over time but we can change the wires on a schedule to fix that. Schedule an appointment at our office to see if this is the right option for you.

Metal Braces

Even with so many advanced solutions in orthodontic practice, traditional metal braces made of stainless metal are still considered to be one of the most effective methods for all ages. Metal braces are known best for their durability and strength. They are an affordable treatment option but still straighten the misaligned teeth.

All Ages

Start early, catch the problem early on.
A lot of orthodontic issues can be witnessed in children from the very beginning. The sooner you get your child diagnosed the better. It is best to visit an orthodontist when your child turns 7. This is the best time for an oral evaluation to eradicate any upcoming dental issues in a child. It is better to go for early treatment to prevent long-term issues.
Get those teeth fixed before stepping into your professional life.
Ages between 12 to 16 are when your kid’s bone and jaw structure is completely developed. Any crowding, spacing, bite, or misalignment issues should be addressed now. Other than serious oral health issues, misaligned teeth in teens can be a source of insecurity as well. Give your teen a gift they will cherish forever.
It’s never too late for an amazing smile.
At Nordberg Orthodontics, we offer services to all ages. It’s never too late to get a smile that is as beautiful as you are. There might be a single tooth that has always bothered you or you may have noticed some teeth misaligning which were perfectly fine before. In cases like these, we go for limited treatment for such cases. Visit today to see how we can help you.


In Brius or Lingual treatment, brackets are placed behind your teeth so they are not visible from the outside. Different than braces and retainers, these are independent movers which help put your teeth back in place by putting pressure from behind. It is often a preferred choice of many patients because of its effectiveness.

Orthognathic surgery

Sometimes patients with severe orthodontic issues that can’t be resolved by appliances alone, have to go through orthognathic surgery. Don’t worry because we make the process painless and smooth for you by counseling you every step of the way. Any irregularities in the bone structure of your jaw can be fixed with orthognathic surgery and can visibly improve your facial appearance as well.

Retainer program

It might be a surprise to you but your teeth keep shifting their position throughout your life. Yes, even after being completely developed and grown. Our retainer program is a simple solution that holds your teeth in place. You can continue to wear aesthetically designed retainers part-time to keep your smile perfect forever. You can get new retainers any time as your teeth shift and slightly change over time.
image of retainers


3D Printing
3D printing has revolutionized the world of dentistry. Results generated with 3D printers are far better than what we can achieve with traditional molds. At Nordberg Orthodontics, we use high-end 3D printers to generate accurate and precise results. We use highly efficient software to digitally design the perfect repair to bring out 100% satisfactory results.
3D Scanners
The age of traditional molds is over. You no longer have to fight your gag reflex while giving a dental impression. Now with the help of 3D scanners, we are able to take a precise impression of your teeth and gums which is later used to create a computer model. This allows us to know exactly what needs to be fixed.
3D Sintered Appliances
Sintering is a process in which finely powdered metal is heated below its melting point to give it a certain shape. We use this technique to produce orthodontic appliances that fit perfectly onto your teeth. As a result, the appliance does not need to be banded with the teeth and appliances can be delivered in a more efficient and comfortable manner.
Indirect Bonding
To make the placement of brackets easier for you, we use the technique of indirect bonding. The position of the brackets is adjusted beforehand according to the shape of your teeth. It is then transferred onto the teeth, which happens quite quickly if you compare it with direct bonding.
iTero Scanner
Nordberg Orthodontics features an iTero enabled lab, where digital scans of your teeth are obtained with extreme accuracy. With the iTero scanner, we are able to create precise 3D models of your teeth and gums. It also helps with predicting the effectiveness of different treatment options in individual cases.

How you want to achieve a perfect smile is up to you. Schedule an appointment at our office to explore different treatment options.

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